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Group Prayers

Through pure intention and Sankalpam, our authentic priest performs worship, prayers or energized deity on request of religious devotees. Read More

Individual Prayers

On request, our esteemed priest energizes deity at our Vedic prayer’s centre through pure intention and sankalpam. Read More

Vedic Distance Healings

Vedic Prayers is India’s most pioneer healing centre that offers access to religious ceremonies and remedy rituals. Read More

Self Guided Meditation

Self Guided Meditation includes the different kinds of meditations that can be performed by the person for different purposes. Read More

Important Information

Vedic Prayers is performing the prayers( Group prayers and Individual prayers) and Healings without any charges for a limited period of time. All you need to do is, send us your details and be a part of these holy events. Participate and seek the blessings of that supreme God.

Self guided Mantras

Recent Healings

Recent Prayers

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About Astro Prayers

To remove the malefic effects of all the planets, you can request a prayer for the eviction of the imbalance caused due to position of various planets in your birth chart. At, Astro prayers are conducted by highly learned priests with appropriate mantra chanting and Yantra handling.

Astro prayers work on a micro level. It seeds one according to the nature, mind and astrological planetary position. Astro prayers can change and facilitate good future in life. The prayers should be done with the easy and clear way. It has to be performed by the most eligible esteemed priest under the guru supervision in a very divine atmosphere to receive most favorable results. The basic rule of Astro prayer in prayer ritual is one should follow- puja, homam, mantra jaap, nakshatra jaap, sacrifice, tarpanam and bhasma snan.

About Vedic Personal Prayers

On request, our esteemed priest energizes deity at our Vedic prayer’s centre through pure intention and sankalpam.

About Vedic Power prayers

Power prayer is a practical technique applied to some particular task and is always successful if done properly. It gives a practical weight to self enlightenment. By power prayer, one can achieve powers and spirituality through Vedas, Mantras, Tantras and this is done by invoking the divine within. When the divine within is invoked, one receives powers to merge with that divine almighty.